Paraka (paraka) wrote,

*le sigh*

You ever do that thing, where you spend all day writing a post in your head that you just *have* to post? And then when you finally sit down to write it, you have no idea what to say, or have lost interest or moved on or whatever?

Well I totally planned on making a post about QaF, ship wars, and other stupid things, but well, consider me bored with it now. All I'll say is that the QaF fandom is very different today than it was a couple of years ago when I was still in it. And yet, really? people are the same everywhere.

Also, I really hope I get a different desk when I start at my new position. I'm currently sitting in the admin area, and it's kind of loud and busy, but beyond that, one of the women who works there is... nice, but chatty, and sometimes kind of ignorant. I find the more time I spend around her, the less I respect her.

Sometimes I'm afraid of that happening to me. Where people think, "Hey, that Paraka's pretty cool" and then they friend me and read what I have to say and then think" Uhg, maybe not" (I'm ok with the maybe not, because I *know* I'm not cool, but the uhg part gets me). I'm insecure like that.

Bleh. Also, more people should post to Insane Journal. It's wrong that there's only been one entry added to my flist over there since *yesterday*. I have the insane urge to start creating comms over there, except, I'm a crappy crappy mod.
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