Paraka (paraka) wrote,

SGA Season 4!

So I don't actually like spoilers. Like at all. But I've found out a few casting spoilers, and well these pictures were shown to me.

So, I don't think I've actually talked about it much here, but I've been working with the Save Carson Beckett campaign to try and bring him back.
And the campaign worked! Carson is being brought back to life for the end of season 4, (the third and second last eps to be precise). We're still fighting over at the campaign to get Carson back as a full cast member, but small victories and all that.

Anyway, while over there, someone posted links to pics from Joe M's blog:

I totally think that's Carson on the bed! Look they're wearing the same clothes!

Anyone have any theories as to how he's going to be brought back?
The PTB have already said it won't be ascension, and alternate version of him or a ghost.

My cousin thinks that the reason why they had a closed casket was because Carson's really still alive but badly hurt so they put him in a stasis pod or something until the could make him better?

What are your theories?
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