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So, I haven't really talked about this here, but I'm waiting until January to go back to school. I have a great summer job, and they're always saying that I'm welcome to work during the school year. In fact this past school year, I'd work a couple hours a week when time allowed. I like my job, especially since lately I haven't been on the phones, but have been doing either faxes or special projects. I didn't think it'd be a problem to stay on full time while I waited to go back to school. I had made noises about it, and one day my boss came over to ask out right, and when I said yes, she joked to the person in the next cubicle, that she doesn't care about my education, just that I keep working there.

That's why I was surprised when the director of my department (customer service) asked me what I was doing in September. Well, I wasn't surprised that she was talking to me, but when I said I was staying here, she asked me if my boss knew. And then made little "hmm"ing sounds and said, they'd have to check out their budget. Then a few hours later my boss came by and said they were going to have a meeting to see about me staying. She kind of made it sound like it was no big deal, but I've been really worried about losing my job for the past two weeks.

Like I said, I've been doing all these special projects this summer, so when someone from the contracts department came over and asked to see me, I totally thought it was just about another project. But no, she was offering me a job! That's a pretty major promotion! I was employed in the lowest ranks of customer service, and generally you have to be at least 2 ranks higher to be considered! Not only that, but I'll also be working in Quotes, which is also a great promotion! Not only is it a better job, but I get a great raise too! When I started at this company I was making $10.50/hour (which for a students summer job was amazing) I've gotten raises every summer, but normally they were just $0.50 a year. This year I got a raise to $13.50/hour, but this new job takes me to $16/hour! I might actually be able to make it through my school semester on my own money! Also, this is the kind of job that I can come back to each summer. I'm so excited :D
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