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Love Meme from nebulein

So a while ago nebulein did this love meme, where she posted a random poll, and then whomever voted on the poll, she did a write up of why she finds them awesome. I thought that that was a *great* idea, so decided to do it as well. So in the order in which they answered:

So I don't actually remember friending aurora_84, I had always assumed that it was during snowinandblowin but she recently corrected me. I *do* however remember that she was the first person on my flist to make the transition from QaF to SGA, and I remember having fun squeeing over fandom again. I think the day I *really* fell in love with her though, is the day she pointed me towards her memories, and all that fics there. She's also great to come to people's help when they ask questions (for example she's the one who pointed me to the multi-journal-posting-thingy program I'm using now)
*hugs* You definitely make my flist a funner place to be. :P

anoel was one of those people that I friended because they friended me first, and my LJ was locked at the time, but made me feel all guilty at the time. I knew she was friending me because of QaF, but by the time she did, I was about as far out of that fandom as I'll probably ever be (I'm drifting back a bit), and I felt bad that she was friending me thinking I was *interesting* or something crazy like that :P
We may not always share all of our fandoms, but there's one big one that we always seem to squee together over; Vidding. anoel is one of those people that I talk to, and suddenly want to vid. She gets my creative juices going, and we have great discussions about vidding. She did a great review of one of my vids. And when I called her for my RL meme, we talked for *hours* (seriously at one point I had to call her back because my portable phone was dying).
I really love anoel because of how she make *me feel*.

I remember friending ana_grrl because of this awesome fic. It was so awesome, and got me reading a pairing I had never really been interested in that it managed to motivate me to get off my rear, and actually leave a comment. They I ended up reading her other fics, and how can you not like Zombie!John/Rodney OTPs?
For all that I friended ana_grrl for her fic, I love her because she's just plain *fun*. I mean, come on! She helped make Lantisjournal! And even though I don't actually know where she lives, we have fun laughing over Canadian in-jokes (ParticipAction!), actually one of our conversations had me start writing my very first fic. Granted I didn't get very far, and it will never see the light of day, but still. Much love for ana <3

In all honesty, I can't actually remember why/when I friended singlewoman (I felt really dumb having to ask her, but since she didn't respond, I'm going to say that she doesn't remember either, so we're even :P). I think I probably friended her first, since according to my LJ flist colour scheme, I firended her for Snarry (so I was very confused when I first really started talking to her, and it was over QaF :P). For all that we both don't post very much, so don't get as much interaction is, I always have fun when one of us makes a comment. It's fun listening to her recount stories of what her son is doing now, and her reactions to it. And sometimes, even though we don't post that often, we'll manage to work up a good conversation in the comments somewhere which can last for quite a bit.

It's funny, I've had at least two people in RL read her name and mistake the vet part of her name for veteran, which gets some weird looks. :P
somedayvet is another one whose original friending had me filled with shame, because I was doing nothing QaF related at the time. However we quickly started bonding over House, and, well, RL stuff. It's always interesting hearing her stories about what's going on at the clinic, and what kind of animals she's come across. I've genuinly missed her since she hasn't really been on LJ much lately. Also, her recent posts about how thoughtful her boyfriend is makes me very jealous :P 'Cause he sounds like a great guy, and I'm happy for her.

She's probably going to laugh at me for this, but she's one of the only people on my flist that I get a little intimidated talking to because in my head (and probably others as well) she's a BNF. She was one of the first vidders I ever came across, back when I discovered vidding, and QaF vids. I had been downloading B/J vids like crazy, but she was the first vidder that I watch that made a non-OTP vid (I don't think gen exactly fits QaF). I fell so in love with her Who Will Save Your Soul vid. I love all her vids, and if I squeed about all of them we'd be here for a while. But there were two instances that I really remember from her, that really make me think she'll laugh at me for being intimidated. 1. Way back in 2004, I made a list of QaF vids and places to download them incase I ever lost mine, and a few weeks later darlulu, wither went friends only, or made a flist cut, and I timmidly spoke up asking to be left on, and she replied that I was her hero for the week because of that list I made. I was increadibly new to fandom at that time, and was just so *shocked* that she even recognized my *name* I nearly *died* (ahh newbies :P). The other thing that darlulu did to make me really happy was back in March of this year, when she was finishing up her Club Vivid vid, Battleflag I helped beta it. Again she's just one of my favourite vidders, and I'm so awed by her talent, that to think I had anything to add blew me away (I love vidding, but I don't really think of myself as a good vidder, so...).

You know I think this is one of the first times I've actually written out her name, and I just realized that I've been calling her PB Panda in my head the entire time I've known her. Huh.
Anyways, pbanda is one of the few QaF in this meme, whom I *don't* feel guilt for friending, because I actually was in the QaF fandom when we met :P And really my big love for her comes down to two words: QaF. Sims. I never understood why people would find Sims appealing, until I found qaf_sims and then I realized it was *fun* I've still never played myself, and I may not watch that community anymore, but it made me very happy when a few days ago pbanda posted some pics of her games. :)
We also share a deep love of Timmies, and she uses my icon, which makes me very happy. :D

How can anyone *not* love teary_eyed2 and her crazy manips. Why without her, I never wouldn't have seen close ups of the boys bits. Or learned the really important fandom lessons such as "Who's Bigger? Gale or Randy? and How to appreciate hip Vs. Those are the two that I remember best. Although I'm not sure if I have the correct link to the Hip Vs post, I could have sworn she actually used the term V, because it was the first time I had heard it used. Oh teary_eyed2, you taught me some very valuable life lessons. :)

I love my flist! :D

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