Paraka (paraka) wrote,

*head desk*

I'm currently reading a McShep fic where John is an advertising agent, and I keep waiting for Brian Kinney to stroll into the office :P QaF will always be with me apparently.

(I totally decided to post to LJ now so I could say that before I forget, and lo and behold, what do I do? I get all caught up in letter writing and useless migration angst, and forget to mention it :P)

Also, while I’m here babbling. I have a request for any Numb3rs fans on my flist. Please take two seconds and go here and vote for Numb3rs. I promise to never spam my flist again, but I’ve been voting for Numb3rs for *months now (seriously, it had 3 votes when I began), and now I’m *so* close to breaking the top 100.
Also, *cough* if any SGA fans want to join in here, we just managed to overtake the Simpsons….

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