Paraka (paraka) wrote,

So I haven't really been around much lately. My stupid computer is broken again (I swear, I didn't think it was possible to have a computer break down this often *glares*) and it won't plug in. I have to steal my mom's battery to get on the computer.

Stuff in Point Form (because I can)
-So while I was away, I totally missed the awesome nebuleins birthday, I hope you had a great day!

-I had stopped reading my flist to avoid Harry Potter spoilers (still haven't read the newest yet), and now I'm off because I haven't a computer, so if there's something big that happened, or you think I should know about please let me know.

-RL Meme, yes I'm still working on it. I still haven't called maekala, the one person I wasn't nervous about calling, I still haven't called. Is there anytime this week that's good for you? I'd still really like a chance to talk.

I'll also see about calling back some of the people I originally called, because I had a ton of fun.

Also with the RL meme, there were a couple people who said they wouldn't mind meeting up with me, well... I know it's the long weekend, and it's kind of short notice, but I'm going up to Toronto this weekend, is anyone interested in meeting up?

-Ummmm, podfics, and sgapodfic totally rock. For the next week, I'm just doing fax orders at work, and it's great to be able to listen to fic as I enter numbers. :D

-Last week I was in such a vidding mood. I was watching vids, and totally loving them, and I so *wanted* to vid. I tried so hard to get Premiere working and it *wouldn't* *pouts* Then I tried Sony Vegas, which I actually got some work done on, but then it too decided that it hated me and wouldn't start. My mom doesn't know this yet, but I think I might install Vegas on her computer and start using it to vid (she doesn't need a computer :S).

-That is all.
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