Paraka (paraka) wrote,

OMG This is going to take forever!

So I decided that I'm going to reread the whole Harry Potter series before I read the new one. I'm still on the first book. I'm going so sloooowwwwww. I'm just not enjoying the books as much this time around as I have in the past. :(

So Jenn, my older sister, came down to visit this weekend. She had a bunch of friends come down (and her father-in-law) and they did white water rafting this weekend. Except Jenn didn't actually go because she's trying to get pregnant.

We went to see Harry Potter in 3D on Saturday night, and it was kind of disappointing. Ottawa is the home of the first IMAX ever. It's at the Museum of Civilization (awesome museum). It's a huge theater, and even has a dome in the ceiling that they sometimes tilt down and play movies on. The thing is though that the museum pretty much only play documentaries, so no Harry Potter. We had to go to a Famous Players (I didn't even know Ottawa *had* more than one IMAX). The one we ended up going to was nearly as impressive as the museum one. It was way smaller, the screen no bigger than most movie screens and the seating on the smaller side. We ended up having to sit on the side, right under one of the speakers, so had a bit of an echo. Also I think since we were to the side, it screwed up the 3D effect so it wasn't as cool as it should have been. Overall it was a big disappointment. :(

This was really a Harry Potter weekend though, since everyone was reading the book. We even got one of Jenn's friends who had never read them before started. My mom, in full host mode, kept forcing food on people until they needed to be rolled out the door. :P

Jenn and Kevin were the last ones to leave, and their neighbours, Rob and Nancy with whom they had driven down with, and they all ended up staying for lunch. It was supposed to be "a quick bite before we leave", but we ended up with salad, hamburgers, hot dogs, vegetables, an apple crisp for dessert. As we were sitting down to eat, Rob called us the Weasley's :) That was really cute. It made us wonder though what it would be like if my mom and Mrs. Weasley ever got together. There would be enough food to feed a third world country. :P
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