Paraka (paraka) wrote,

Polaris Picspam

I promised people that I would post some pictures from Polaris. As I look through them I realize I didn't take all that many good ones, but here we go anyways.

The Best picture I have by far of Torri is the one I got taken of me. I'll try to get it scanned soon.

My Teryl pictures are much better because she'd walk around the crowd. The only reason I have any good Torri ones is because I was sitting in the front row.

This last one isn't a picture, but I'll post it anyways, even though I shouldn't. You weren't allowed to take video, but most of my pictures were turning out horribly, either it'd be too dark because my flash was useless, or it's be all blurry because I used the low light setting. I suppose the thing to do would be to turn my flash off, but I'm not smart like that.

Instead what I started doing was taking little 2-5 second videos with the idea that I'd go and cap it later (I think the pics will look nice once I do), but I just happened to start a little filming bit at the beginning of this story and well got distracted by the story, so ended up with almost 2 minutes. It's crappy and I kept laughing so it jiggles, but if anyone would like to download it, go for it.

To give you a bit of a re-cap, she was telling a story about how when you do a scene with a bunch of the actors standing in a circle, sometimes they'll tell you to look at a different person than who you're actually talking to because it give you a better angle. They were filming such a scene during 2010, but instead of looking at the person she was supposed to look at, she was looking at the person she was talking to.
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