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Drive by Con Update

Ok, a quick post from Polaris.

I was really lucky to be able to leave work on Friday at 2:30 (I went in at 7:30 and worked through my lunch) so we were on the road much sooner than I expected. I was worried because we didn't pre-register and registration ended at 8 (it's a 4-5 hour drive to Toronto).

We didn't really do anything Friday, checked in, checked out a (bad) panel, headed over to my sisters. My sister had just bought a house the day before so her neighbours were over and we celebrated (there was drinking involved). As a result it was kind of late when we finally got to bed (1-ish). That wouldn't have been too bad had I not been up really early that morning and Saturday woke up at about 6am.

Needless to say we got a bright and early start to things. We headed over, checked out the dealers room, and then got in line for pictures with Torri Higginson. I was wearing my "Save Carson" T-shirt, and she thought it was just the cutest thing ever. We talked about the campaign for a bit, I mentioned there was one for her and then we got our pictures taken. She was super nice.

One thing that was stupid on the planning part was the pictures with Torri were scheduled at the same time as Teryl Rothery's Q&A. Since we were at the beginning of the line for pictures we still managed to catch half of the Q&A.

She was kind of hyper, and spent very little of her time on the stage. If you had a question, she'd come to you rather than make you go up to the set up. She also kept telling us there were M&Ms backstage. At one point she asked for a volunteer to demonstrate how RDA kissed her boobs, and led the guy backstage and made him take some M&Ms and then asked if he had a girlfriend, and if so can he hide lipstick stains. She was really fun.

Next we went to a panel, and then took a break from the con to go see Jenn's new house (it was really nice btw), the only thing is, it totally screwed up our mental plans for the con (we had actually factored the visit in, I just got highlighter happy and so confused myself) and we missed getting Torri's autograph, because we were getting pictures with Teryl (again stupid timing putting the two Stargate girls against each other, and stupid because Teryl was doing pictures tomorrow too, and we had planned to get them then). I'm kind of sad about that, especially since they were pretty fast about printing the earlier pics off, and we could have got her to sign the picture of us together. :(

Pictures with Teryl were really fast so we headed over to the Q&A hall and caught the end of Steve Bacic's talk (lots of dirty jokes involved). This meant we had awesome seats for Torri (front row and centre baby). Most memorable moment of her talk was when she said that she was fired from the show so that they could afford to buy Joe's hair gel. She tried to hide it, but I'm pretty sure she's kind of bitter.

Nick is having a lot of fun, because I don't think he gets to see a lot of other scifi fans, and you know it's always a relief and a ton of fun when you realize you're not alone. Also, everyone is so nice. While waiting in line for pictures we were surrounded by the same two guys, and started chatting. And while we were walking over for dinner, someone stopped me to ask about my shirt (the Save Carson one) and we ended up having dinner with him and his wife. It was a lot of fun, just sitting around, talking Sci Fi and life.

We did a few more things, caught the tail end of the Constellation Awards (and how stupid is it that Dr. Who won for advancing Canadian Sci Fi? Is there a single Canadian on that show? Although, also funny, there were 6 nominees, 5 TV shows, and Michael Shanks.) We went to the Masquerade, and I'd talk about it, but I feel that that would be better done when I can post pictures (how does my sister not have an SD slot in her computer!?).

Tomorrow, we'll get Teryl's autograph, and catch her other Q&A, do a few panels depending on time, and head home early-ish. More from me then. Must sleep now.
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