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So I decided to make up a meme. I'm calling it the Real Life Meme.

We all talk and hang out on-line, but how often do we go beyond that? So far all the people I've met online and in RL have been really cool, and we've had a ton of fun, so I'd like to encourage this.

Leave a comment if you'd like me to contact the "real" you in some way (comments are screened). Leave as much or as little information as you're comfortable with/is possible. Obviously I would love to visit Person X living in Country A, but that's probably not possible.

What I'm able to do.
1) If you leave your address, I'll mail you a letter or something (I have no idea what yet, but *something*).

2) Have phone cards, will call. Seriously I bought all these phone cards when I was just using my cell phone and now I have all these international minutes that I'll never use otherwise.

3) If you live semi close to Ottawa (or Toronto, I visit there a lot), we can try to arrange to meet in RL.
I'm going to Toronto this weekend to go to Polaris, but unfortunately I'm pretty sure all my friends in Toronto are QaF friends so won't be at Polaris (with the exception of runonmoonlight who I actually met at Toronto Trek last year, but I totally lurk on her journal, because when she tried to talk to me after the fact, I was crazy busy, and kept putting it off until I got to the point where I felt it was too late, and now I feel a huge ball of guilt whenever I want to leave a comment on her LJ because I'd feel stupid talking after all this time. /guilty ramble).

So this may flop completely, but I thought it sounded fun. I promise I'm not a crazy stalker! And will provide any and all personal information in exchange. *nods*
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