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Ok, I've talked about it, but now I'm actually doing it.

I decided to start from my start. I took quite a few pictures of things in the beginning that caught my eye, but were considered totally normal by the time I left. Unless I say otherwise, assume that the picture was taken in Nanjing or on the road there.

This is a subway entrance. Really. I sometimes think China based it's decorating ideas off of Las Vegas.

Phallic much? This was at a mausoleum of some famous dude (see why I should have made these posts sooner?).

Burtace Cleaner... yes.... We bought it thinking it would work like Windex, but it *soooo* didn't.

This was the street sign for where I lived. If you go past that sign, turn left down a dark ally, and then walk through the ickiest stairways I've ever seen up 4 flights you'd be at our apartment.

These icky stairs actually. At night night the lights wouldn't turn on unless you made a lot of noise, so it was especially fun at night.

Outside our local meat market they had all these little buckets of snakes. If you wanted to buy one, you had the choice of taking it home live or having them cut the heads off for you. *shudders* I seriously couldn't go in there, it smelled way too bad.

This is where we actually did most of our shopping. Not that it wasn't special at times. I was so happy to find out that they used number numbers and not Chinese characters.

This was also on our street. I was told that we were kind of living on the Madison Ave of Nanjing, so it's a little bit more spiffy than most roads.

A random shot from our walk home from work.
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