Paraka (paraka) wrote,

So I've been having a bit of a different week this week. I'm doing a slightly different job at work.

As many of you know I work in a customer service centre, and while I started off on the phones, I also do a lot of faxes. This summer I've been doing a lot of "special projects" instead of just plain phone calls/faxes. We have one person who does all of the e-mails, and she's going on vacation next week, so is her back up, so I'm taking over for her.

She was in meetings Wed-Fri, so even though her back up was there, they had be do it so I could get practice. OMG I have no idea how she does that job on her own. I've been getting other people to help me, but still, I've been coming in at 7:30 and staying until 5 or 5:30, and still I'm super behind. I'm trying to get things answered within 24 hours, but gah, it's hard. Laura, the girl who normally does it told be she generally gets things answered in 3-4 hours. Yeah, not going to happen.

In other news nothing much is happening. What with all the extra work hours and working through my lunches, I haven't really been doing much fandom wise. I did however give in and buy a permanent account. I never spend money on myself. Never. That was one of the fun things about China, we had all this money, but it wasn't *real* money so we knew we had to spend it. It was fun buying whatever I wanted.

Anyways I decided to splurge, but felt really guilty. I kind of mentioned it to my parents but wouldn't admit how much it cost, because $150 seems like a *lot* to me for an LJ, but finally my mom dragged it out of me and was like "That's it? I thought it was going to be way more than that, why would you feel guilty for spending a few hundred dollars? Andrea (my little sister) spent that much on her new bikini!" Now I'm feeling much better.

I don't know, there are always things that I want, but I generally stockpile them and get other people to buy them for me. Like for my birthday I finally got a SCB Shirt (which I'm wearing now). I've wanted it since they came out quite a few months ago.

Also, I kind of want to start posting pictures to my LJ, would that annoy my flist? I've just been looking at all my China pics lately, and other pics that I've taken, and want to share them. Or in the case of the China pictures, post them with explanations before I forget the explanations. Should I filter them?

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