Paraka (paraka) wrote,

So, I feel like updating, but I did absolutely nothing noteworthy this weekend. So instead you're getting pictures of my cat.

She is being so cute and cuddly tonight. Right now she's sleeping with her head on my leg. Awww. I've come to the realization that I'm one of those people who loves their cat just a bit too much. Her name is Tigger, and my sister has started calling her "Tigs" which drives me crazy. Using a mixed up form of logic I've started retaliating by calling her "Tigger Wigger" and no matter how many times I tell myself it's a horrible name, and do I have no shame? and at least think of Tiggers shame, I can't seem to make myself stop.

Also, as I've mentioned my mom hates cats. One of the reasons being that she's easily startled, so she's always surprised to see the cat in the same room as her. To help with this problem, we got Tigger a collar with a little bell on it. We can now always tell when she's scratching :P But we've also given her the unfortunate nickname "Tigger Bell" which is kind of cute, but still, leave no dignity left for the cat. *sigh* I;m such a bad mother.

In other random news, I've decided it's about time I tag all the entries of my LJ, so I spent more time than I want to admit on Saturday going through old entries. I'm currently at October 2004. This won't take long....

It's been amusing though reading my old entries. I talk about my fish a lot. God I was boring. Also, I never spell checked anything, so it makes me want to cry reading some of the entries. Sheesh.
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