Paraka (paraka) wrote,

In my family, I'm the go-to person for computers. It can be a bit frustrating, since while I'm proficient at computers, I certainly don't know everything. Also my family will often want something and know *nothing* about what it takes to get it done (like time frame, or cost, or just how *difficult* it can be to do). It's driving me a bit batty. I mean, for the most part I don't mind helping, it's the stupid questions, or them acting like they know more about what I'm doing than I do that drive me crazy.

For example my little sister got me out of bed today at 6:45 because she had made a school project in Adobe Premiere and didn't know how to save it. She wanted it on a DVD, but her computer doesn't have a DVD burner. So last night she saved the Adobe file (with none of the renderings or source material) to a CD and wanted me to magically put it on a DVD. I explained to her that that was useless, and that if you make the final file an mpeg it'll play on a DVD player regardless of whether it's a CD or a DVD.

She of course had no idea how to do this (she kept going to import *headdesk*) but still felt that she knew enough to tell me that I was doing it wrong when I went to do it. My mom looks in over my shoulder and adds her two cents "Why don't you just do it on *your* computer?" Because I never would have thought of that if it was that easy.
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