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Ok, so my mom helpfully volunteered to make a wedding vid for a friend’s daughter who's getting married. She did one for my sister and spent months making it. The current deadline is in 2 weeks. And she hasn't started. She's also decided that I'm going to make it, and she'll tell me what to do. *rolls eyes*

I think I'm going to have to kill her. She does all these power points for schools and they involve animated gifs and sound effects, and she makes these wedding videos much the same. Needless to say we're having artistic differences, and it's making me cranky. :(

She's keeps coming up with songs that she'd like to use that fit 10 second clips of pictures, and while those clips look ok, they're going to be horrible when put together.

I've kind of convinced her that instead we should just have 3 songs, one for each of their childhoods and one for them together. Also, I'd like to move away from lyric based songs and use maybe just some instrumentals. So here's where you guys come in.

Does anyone have some nice soft (romantic-ish) instrumental songs that they could upload for me? There'd be much praise and loving for anyone who can help.

If you want to see some examples this is a great site.
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