Paraka (paraka) wrote,

I swear the hockey posts will end soon

So, I've been watching the hockey games. And I made a comment to my dad that I'd never make it into the NHL if only because when in skates if I fall, I can't get up without help (seriously, this winter I was skating on the Canal alone and fell, and had to crawl across the ice for about 10-15 minutes until I reached something I could use to help me pull myself up).
This statement led to much mocking, since that is probably near the bottom of reason's why I'm not in the NHL (like how I'm a woman, or how I've never played hockey before in my life (and I'm including street hockey here...).

Anyways I now present
Reasons Why Lindsay Isn't An NHL Player
1. When I fall I can't get up (and I fall a lot, even when not on skates).
2. I can't climb over the "walls" (aka the "boards" as my father mockingly told me) for the shift change.
3. I have a fear of falling, also of being body checked into the "boards".
4. Whenever something happens I have to go "what happened? What's icing? Is that... our penalty?"
5. I can't skate. Well to be fair, I can move, I just can't stop without friction doing all the work for me.
6. Emery might find my fangirling awkward.
7. Fisher wouldn't appreciate me drooling over his prettiness.

So lately when someone has an LJ cut there's been a little + before the words start. At first I was scratching my head, but finally gave into temptation and clicked. Turns out it makes it so that the cut appears on my flist. Is this a new feature? I haven't heard anyone else talk about it, which makes me wonder if this is just a feature of the LJ Add-on I installed for Firefox. But I thought I had been using this add-on before (I recently had to reinstall everything) and it never had the feature before. So I thought I'd ask my flist. Consider yourself asked. *nods*
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