Paraka (paraka) wrote,

Go Sens Go!

6 minutes left, and it's 5-3!!! We're still in the game! If we keep playing like this we'll be bringing the cup home!

Although, I've got to say, watching the game is really convincing me that city to city (playing aside) Ottawa sooo deserves to win. Just listening to the crowd. The only time you hear cheering during Anaheim games is after a goal, but that's it. The Ottawa fans have not given up the entire game. It's a sea of red in there. It all just makes me so proud.

Seriously, when Lyndon Slewidge stopped singing during Oh Canada and let the crowd sing, I teared up. (granted I tear up at the drop of a hat, but still).

Oh Ottawa, I'm so proud of you right now, no matter what happens.

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