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Ok, first off, I want to wish geeklite a belated birthday. I so meant to make this post last night, but I fell asleep. :-/ I hope you had an amazing day!

Next, I know I'm totally late on this, but I want to talk about Colby and the Janus list.

Gah! This was such an amazing episode! When I finished watching that episode I realized that that was one of the most effective season finales I've ever seen. I can only think of one other season finale like it (The Buffy one where she killed Angel). It wasn't quite a cliffhanger, because the problem was resolved, but it just left everything so broken. I can't wait until the new season starts. *whines* I'm going to be spending waaayyyy too much time thinking about this ep. Also I was really impressed by this ender, because the finale for season 2 sucked so, so much. I'm glad they were able o make this one much more interesting.

The thing is, not for one minute did I actually believe Colby's been a spy for 2 years. I have a feeling he was probably pulled in by the Americans when they discovered Dwayne, because:
1) What are the chances they both happened to work for the Chinese. I mean of all the governments out there... It would be more likely if it were a Middle Eastern government, because at least they both fought over there, but the Chinese? I mean we know how Dwayne got involved, but Colby? His only connection is Dwayne.

2) If Colby was a spy on the same side as Dwayne they had some mighty weird private conversations. And Colby's must be a pretty good actor to look so surprised and hurt over Dwayne being a traitor. I mean honestly, if they both knew (and if it were true I can't believe they wouldn't at the very least have suspicions) they might not have come right out with their secret traitor hand shake, but I think they probably would have spoken in a few more double entendre's.

3) If Dwayne *knew* that Colby was a turn coat, I think he would have turned him in when Colby cornered him. He was so upset and angry when it happened I can't believe he wouldn't lash out. I mean, I know he knew by this episode, but I bet he probably learned while imprisoned and decided to sit on it, because he was calmer and already caught, he knew he'd have to use that info to his advantage, but I doubt he'd be thinking that clearly when he was first arrested.

Edit: Obviously there are spoilers in this post and the comments for Janus List. In the comments though we now have some vague cast spoilers for season 4 (of both Numb3rs and SGA). Please don't spoil me people. I can't handle it! (Ok, I *can* but it'll piss me off). If you *are* looking for spoilers for season 4 there's a link in the comments to somewhere where you can find more info.
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