Paraka (paraka) wrote,

Hello Mr. Stanley, we want your cup! (in which I don't actually talk about hockey.)

Ok, so I've been away for a bit. I know I mentioned that my computer has been stupid and that I've been working overtime, this is the first chance I've really had to sit down.

Ok, it *was* a long weekend, but it was a full one. Stargate, hockey (Stanley cup playoffs baby! We're so gonna win! *pulls out freshly made icon*), family, more computer woes.

I bought this program to recover my hard drive that had been corrupted, and I've been recovering this one folder for 2 days and so far only about 600 MBs has been recovered. Of my 120 GB hard drive. This might take a while :/

At work they had this raffle where you could win 2 tickets for anywhere West Jet flies. I know it was just a random draw, and I only bought 3 tickets, but I was so excited, and totally was planning on winning. It turns out, had a waited 10 minutes to buy my tickets I would have won, I was 3 numbers off :( But my dad saw how I really wanted to win and was like "You know, I have a ton of Aeroplan miles, you can have them if you'd like..." So yay! I can now take a vacation to anywhere in Canada, and maybe the States. The thing is, I have no idea what to do with them now... I kind of want to go to Vancouver... and California is the other big one on my list. Any suggestions?

I had a fun day at work today. First thing I did was check my messages and there was one from this guy. He's a little slow. Seriously all his messages are like:
"Hello, this is Bob from Your Imagination. Phone number 6. 1. 3. 5. 5. 5. 1. 2. 3. 4. I'll repeat. 6. 1. 3...." (If you haven't guessed I totally changed his name and company)

Although when I called him back he was pissed. He never yelled, but he did hang up on me. Gah. And the thing he was upset about? Wasn't at all what he thought it was, but he wouldn't calm down enough to let me explain this :S It was about shipping on an order (he place a bi order for a bunch of things, but only one item was in stock so we shipped it to him and charged him for shipping, but the shipping charge was for the whole order, including the stuff that hadn't shipped yet, but he didn't realize that). He said that I should have asked him how he wanted it shipped, even though on his fax he had written "FOB My-Company's-Name Will Advise Shipping" Does that not sound like I should just handle it? Normally if they want it shipped a certain way they say something like "Ship on Purolator Account# abc1234" or "Please call for shipping details."

Pfft. When I called him back he was nice, but only because he thought I was someone else (Lindsay and Wendy really don't sound that much alike, but I get called Wendy *all* the *time*). He also sent in a fax with the invoice that showed the shipping and wrote in big black marker "WHAT ARE YOU DOING!!!" Nice.

To top that all off, as soon as I got off the phone with him, I checked my e-mail and this waiting for me:
To Lindsay
Subject Re: URGENT



...product description...



(all non caps are mine). Seriously. How says "I will be expecting your instant reply." Especially since the last e-mail I sent him said, "I can't find what you're looking for, this is the closest we have". Also, it's hard to take a customer seriously when they're using a yahoo e-mail. Do you not have a work e-mail? Is your company so cheap that they can't afford e-mail? Also, giving "Customer Name, Toronto" really doesn't help me at all in finding your account. At all.

At lastly for today, Birthdays.

I feel shame. Last week when I was not really around, I missed 2! birthdays. So, happy (very) belated birthdays to paddies and juteux.

Also, lets not forget that today is the wonderful its_ktd's Birthday!

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