Paraka (paraka) wrote,

Computer Woes, and Stargate Yays!

I've been kind of invisible this week. I broke my computer. Badly. So really the only time I'm on is during my lunch at work.

I've also been working overtime, pretty much everyday (Tues, Wed, & Thurs) so that hasn't been helping. I was all excited thinking of the huge paycheck I'd be getting, but then I remembered I took Monday afternoon off to go to the dentists, so it's not going to be *that* big.

I owe comments and e-mails to oh so many people, and hopefully I can get back to your tomorrow. But tonight! I'm having a Stargate party! I still haven't seen the last half of SG-1, so my cousin stargate_sg1sg1 is coming over, and we're going to watch them all. He's a pretty fun guy to hang out with. He doesn't really read fanfic that much, but is perfectly willing to let me squee about the slashiness of the show. He'll sometimes even join in :P I will warp his little mind, just give me time :D

Also, a few weeks ago the SCB people had an auction to raise money and I ended up bidding on an autrgraph from Amanda Tapping, I got it in the mail yesterday. Very nice, I'm thinking of giving it to my cousin for Christmas or something.
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