Paraka (paraka) wrote,

So, yesterday I managed to download a virus while looking for key gens :-/ and had to reformat my computer *cries* as a result I haven't gotten internet working on my laptop yet, so am kind of slow in replying to stuff.

I'm at work now, but I promise tonight to post an explanation for my poll on flaming.

Weird work story:
I got a call today from a customer wanting to place an order. We went through it all, and at the end she goes "You said you're name's Lindsay?" I answered yes, and gave my extension thinking she was making a note, but she actually says "I think I was talking to you a while ago," I was thinking, yeah right, she was probably talking to the *other* Lyndsey. But then she went on to say "Were you taking molecular biology?" I dropped out of that course more than 2 years ago! I couldn't believe it.

I actually remember talking to her, she called just as my lunch was starting, so I didn't feel guilty about talking to her longer. She asked me how I was, and deciding to be honest, I said I was feeling sucky. I had gone to get some vaccines for China, and one of the questions was "Have you ever been depressed" I answered yes, and my dr. jumped all over it, even though I wasn't feeling depressed then, and put me on drugs, which promptly made me depressed. More depressed than I had ever really been before. I started cutting, and crying all the time. It was pretty bad. Anyways, I started talking to that customer about some of this and about school, and some of the decisions I was having trouble with. At the end of the phone call she asked for my e-mail so we could continue talking, but she never actually e-mailed me, but she kept the note, and this was the first time she'd gotten me since then, 2 years ago.

It was all very weird, but she asked how I'm doing now. And I mentioned that I wasn't in Molecular Biology anymore, but Computer Science, and I had spent a year in China. This time she gave me her e-mail, and asked me to send her some of my pictures form China.
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