Paraka (paraka) wrote,


Gah, you know that post I made like a week ago about how I had 23 vid bunnies fighting to get out? Well that list is growing.

Numb3rs last night made me love that show so much, that it finally was able to push SGA out of the way (for now), and I was lamenting the lack of Numb3rs vids. Then I realize that I have no right to complain since *I* haven't made any Numb3rs vids, so now... well, I haven't gotten any specific bunnies, but an overwhelming urge to make a Numb3rs vid. I'm thinking something fast and action-y with lots of shooting. (Which would be something very new and different for me, so yay!).

And *then* I actually went out and *found* a bunch of Numb3rs vids, and am happily watching them now. :D

SPN vid, 1 clip on the time line so far. I've got to stop coming up with bunnies and actually sit down and *vid*.
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