Paraka (paraka) wrote,

Yay! *spams*

5 to 2! Senator's are sooooooo going to win this round!

I wish I watched more hockey. I really enjoy it, I just... it's one of those things you have to watch in a group, at a bar, or at home with some friends.

To me, hockey=family. I remember watching the 2002 Olympic hockey game between Canada and the US, that was soooo fun. We all went over to my aunt and uncles (who had probably the smallest living room out of everyone there) and watched the game. My grandparents where there too, and we were all sitting on the edges of our seats. It was so great! :D And when Don Cherry came on, my grandfather told all the kids they had to be quite, because God was talking. :P That line really stuck with me. Because who doesn't love Don Cherry? Today he was wearing a purple and black plaid jacket with a pastel purple (silk) tie, and all the manly men where hanging off his every word. :P

Also, my sister couldn't watch the game because she had homework, but she told my dad that he had to cheer loud enough for her to hear whenever the Sens scored, so all night my dad was going "Wa-hoo" Like the song from that beer commercial (I know it's a real song, but I only know it as the Beer Commercial Song :P). It was really funny, since my dad's not really the cheering out loud type of guy. :D

Go Sens Go!

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