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Podfic Fangirl Meet Up

I actually started writing this email while in the airport on my way to Vividcon and even then it was super late! I think it's time I finally post it :P

So back in June [personal profile] cantarina emailed me that a couple podfic fangirls were having a get together, and would I be interested in joining them. That was kind of in the middle of my work stress so I welcomed the excuse to get away and said "hell yes!"

The only problem was that the get together was being held on a Wednesday 5 hours from where I live.

Getting the Time Off
Since I had already quite my job at that point, I technically had negative vacation left since I'd lose about a weeks worth for the 1/3 of the year I wasn't going to be working. I made all these plans to go on bended knee to my boss and ask for the time off, but I wasn't hopeful since she's given me trouble when I've asked for days off that I did technically have. :-/

This year my department switched to using an online system for booking vacation rather than going to your boss though, which a coworker reminded me of before I went to beg. The computer system hadn't changed the amount of vacation I had available, so it would allow me to book the days off.

The way the computer system works is there are a number of hours allocated per day to be booked off. That way there aren't too many people off. Most days my department has 16 hours available to be booked.

I really didn't want to involve my boss so I unbooked some vacation from Sept-Dec so I'd have those days available and tried to book the Wednesday and Thursday off. But there was a problem and my request was rejected. Someone else in the department was on vacation that day (so 8 hours gone) and another person had a Dr.'s appointment (2 hours gone). That meant there was only 6 hours left to be booked on the Wednesday.

I figured that the party would likely be in the evening so I could work for 2 hours and drive down after that. So I booked the time available (after a couple tries, I kept getting midnight and noon mixed up).

Only to find out that the podfic party was actually going to be in the afternoon! Gah!
I also found out that every time I had booked something, unbooked it, or attempted to book it (but got rejected), my boss got an email about it. So as I was freaking out about making it on time, my boss came over to ask what the heck I was tying to do. When I explained she told me to just take the whole day (she'd approve it) and have fun.

So that was a whole lot of stress and complication for nothing :P

Podfic Fangirls!
I had so much fun at the meetup! [personal profile] cantarina, [personal profile] fishpatrol, lunchy_munchy and [personal profile] scintilla10 were there. We mostly just hung out talking and recorded podfic. lunchy_munchy brought yummy Australian snacks for us.

We recorded 3 podfics while together, although In An Interstellar Burst is the only one we've posted so far (as far as I know). [personal profile] cantarina also recorded a cracky one on her own with the rest of us providing the giggle track. And oh yeah! We all sang "This Is Our Song" for [personal profile] cantarina's [community profile] pod_together project, Unexpected Happily Ever After.

We did some really cool stuff with some of the other ones so I can't wait to hear how they turn out.

I know I had more to say on this get together, but waiting 2 months to post about it has made most of those thoughts disappear. :-/



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Sep. 10th, 2011 08:49 pm (UTC)
This kind of really makes me want to organize a Pod Con, you know. -.-
Sep. 10th, 2011 09:07 pm (UTC)
OK, here's the thing, I actually have all these notes and another folder on my computer filled with info on how to run a con. I even joint eh con com of a local sci fi/fantasy con so that I could learn how to run one.

I could conceivably have one up and ready to go in very little time (since I'm assuming it'd be a small one to start) but about a month ago general_jinjur made a poll about having a podfic con in France, and now I feel like I can't put my plans into action because it'd be stepping on her toes. :S

But I think there are a lot of podficcer who just can't swing a trip to France. I don't actually feel like it'd be a bad thing to have more than one podfic con (I kind of hate how there's one big vidding con and no one else in N. America will ever run another vidding con because Vividcon has the market on that) but I don't know Jinjur that well and don't know what to do *flails*

(Also, I just started school again and might have a lot less time/money to run such a thing but I still want to do it so bad)
Sep. 10th, 2011 10:07 pm (UTC)


But. France is A LONG WAY and EXPENSIVE and I just took a two-week trip to London this summer and I just don't see myself affording another trip like that for AT LEAST a few years :\

BUT I would be so SO sad to miss ZOMG A POD CON, I said that I might dip into a super-special fund I probably shouldn't in order to go.

BUT I totally think you should ask her if she'd be cool with it, because I am actually dead serious, I want this enough that I will totally help you organize a North American Pod Con. (Also, fwiw, I dunno if she'd be interested, but revolutionaryjo is on the Exec committee for our local annual anime con...)
Sep. 11th, 2011 02:14 pm (UTC)
Yeah, I would totally go to the France con, I'm now a poor student, but I would still try my damnedest to go. And OMG my heart would break if I missed it but seriously going might mean getting into debt and I'm a super practical person when it comes to money so it would take massive amounts of planning with a strict repayment plan in order for me to even consider doing it and even then I might not be able to justify it.

On the other hand, I do fully support having a European podfic con, because I know how many awesome cons go on in N. America that so many Europeans miss because they can't afford to come over here.

I think what I'll do is wait a bit to see what my school schedule is like, make sure I can afford the time to plan it and then work up the courage to talk to general_jinjur about it. And anyone else with con-running experience to make sure I'm not missing anything. O.O
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